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I had never been to a sunflower farm before, but The West End mom instagram account recently featured Alvis Farms, and we decided to give it a try. We went with a couple of friends, arrived around 8:45am, and stayed for around an hour.

There are little things that I want to remember about each age and stage of my kids’ lives. Just like most of us, I use photographs to tell those small stories and capture those tiny markers of growth. Right now, in one-year Lux’s stage, I am loving watching her drink out of her sippy cup […]

Going on vacation during a pandemic is strange. But honestly, when you’re traveling with two little kids under the age of 4, sitting in restaurants, shopping, etc is all exhausting and complicated anyway, so being relegated to the beach and our rental house wasn’t so bad. We figured, “Hey, we can social distance from anywhere […]

kids playing at whim

Wintertime can be so, so hard for mamas with active little ones. How are we supposed to entertain the crazies when there is freezing temps and muddy, wet weather for weeks on end? It’s maddening. But! If you’re in the Richmond, VA area, there is W H I M! Friends, I seriously love this place. […]

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