I'm Paige. I am wife to Drew, mama to Nash and Lux,  lover of documentary photography and all things artful and nostalgic. 
I love iced coffee, baking, making music, decorating spaces, and enjoying the weekends with my people!
Photography is my way of creating beauty out of the ordinary right in front of me. It's my way of connecting with amazing people like you and seeing the wonder in the midst of the mundane. 

My Family

I grew up loving photography -- as much as you can love taking photos with disposable film cameras from the Walmart photo center :)

I didn’t own a “real” camera until college, when I invested in a starter film SLR and borrowed some lenses from my dad.  I fell in love with shooting anything and everything -- basically portraits of my roommates and the random trappings of college dorm life.

After a year or two of sharing my images on Facebook, I started getting requests to photograph people -- other people! For actual money! So for the rest of my time in college and graduate school, I learned a ton by shooting weddings, senior portraits, and the occasional family session.

After moving to Richmond, VA in 2011, I took a long break from photography. 

My camera was collecting dust in the back of my closet until I got married and starting having babies of my own.

 Something about motherhood made me want to re-engage with photography as an artistic pursuit. Plus, I just wanted to capture these early years with my children with more than just a slew of iPhone images!

Since spring of 2017, I’ve spent a lot of time photographing my own family and lots of other families and individuals in the Richmond area. I’m passionate about lifestyle photography -- the relaxed, down-to-earth way of capturing folks as they are, where they are.

I’m genuinely so excited to get to know you through the magic of photography and to work together making art out of everyday life.


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When I was growing up, every time I went to my grandmothers house, I would look through her photo albums. Some of them were of me as baby, some were my immediate family, and some were relatives who passed away long before I came on the scene. 

When I was in college, my mom died, and I'm sure she had tons of photos living on her computer hard drive, but I didn’t look for or keep a single one. What I did keep was the scrapbook she made for me with her own hands, the photos she put there and the words she wrote to me in it. That will be what I show my children to tell them about the grandmother they didn’t get to meet, but who would have loved them so much. 

I believe in the power of family stories to remind us where we came from, and to be the heirloom we pass down to our children and grandchildren 

It’s not just about making pretty pictures to go on your Christmas card or to put in an Instagram post. It’s about capturing the essence of your family and your children in this season. The expressions, the voices, the mannerisms and the connection you have with each other. 

Today will only happen once. It’s a gift the way his voice sounds or how her curls fall or their laughter reading stories before bed. This is a chance to capture that magic in an artful way that will become part of the story you pass down. 

I'm so honored to be a part of documenting the childhood you’re creating right now for you kids and the legacy you’ll pass down to them forever.

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