Covid Vacay

June 16, 2020

Going on vacation during a pandemic is strange. But honestly, when you’re traveling with two little kids under the age of 4, sitting in restaurants, shopping, etc is all exhausting and complicated anyway, so being relegated to the beach and our rental house wasn’t so bad.

We figured, “Hey, we can social distance from anywhere — why not get a change of scenery and spend some time at the beach?”

I found an awesome rental on Airbnb that is equidistant from Wrightsville Beach and Downtown Wilmington in North Carolina. We packed up, turned off social media, turned off our email, and headed south for 4 days of just being together near the ocean.

Traveling with small kids is so hard, I often ask myself if it’s worth it. But I’ve landed on this: it’s worth it for us as parents because it gets us out of the constant allure of work and productivity.

When I’m in my house, I can’t help but organize a drawer here, or vacuum a room there. Another load of laundry, a few quick emails, maybe rearrange some furniture if things get really wild.

Both Drew and I are productivity junkies, and we can’t help but be drawn in by the temptation of our checklists.

So. We need to get out of the house sometimes.

We need a little more distance between us and all the things we need to do. We need to force ourselves to slow down and remember what it’s like to just BE.

Here are a few of my favorite images from our simple little trip.

I will treasure these memories.



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