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February 24, 2020

I have been playing around with this idea that maternity photo sessions can be something different — they can be as relaxed, as documentary-style, and as much of a reflection of real life as any other session I shoot.

So, for Maddie’s maternity session, I wanted to try an at-home session that was pretty much 100% documentary style. If you don’t know what that means, it basically just means that I shoot exactly what is happening — the sweet stuff, the funny stuff, the ordinary stuff, the beautiful stuff — right there in the moment, without guiding, posing, or intervening at all.

Maddie and I both agreed that we aren’t fans of the traditional style for maternity photography. So, I suggested we try just capturing what life is ACTUALLY like, especially since these are the last few weeks that their family will be a party of 3.

It was the perfect approach for them — no frills, no posing, no dressing up or feeling awkward. Justing hanging out on a February Sunday in late afternoon — a story, a cup of coffee, a trip out to see the goats.

Maddie, Taylor, and little Hank live in an 890 square foot farm house outside of Richmond, VA, and they have renovated almost every square inch of it with the most beautiful, ecclectic farmhouse style.

Not to mention the goats, chickens, and 10 acres of land right outside the doors. So magical, so beautiful!

We scheduled the session for late afternoon, and the golden evening light was so inspiring. It felt an awful lot like spring, which is so luxurious on a late February day.

I absolutely love this approach to maternity photography — why not capture those sweet, special moments, right before a new baby arrives and everything changes?

I am truly so very inspired by the beauty of real life, just as it is. No need to dress it up or doctor it in any way.

Even the tiniest moments of getting the toddler dressed or reading Richard Scary stories on the couch can be magical if it means you’re together <3

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