Fresh 48 FAQs

December 19, 2019

Folks tend to have questions about what in-hospital newborn sessions are, why I love them, and how exactly they work. Here are answers to some FAQs about Fresh 48 sessions!

What is a Fresh 48 session? 

A Fresh 48 session is not birth photography and not a traditional newborn portrait session. It sits somewhere in between. It takes place in the hospital mother-infant room in those first two days after baby is born. 

Unlike a traditional newborn portrait session, the emphasis is not just on photos of the baby by his/herself (although I will definitely capture those images!). Instead, the emphasis is on what it looks and feels like to welcome a new member to the family. The emphasis is on emotion, storytelling, and the whole family together. 

When shooting, I blend documentary and lifestyle approaches — that means a blend of just capturing life as it’s happening with some intentional prompting to get everyone in the best position and light for the photographs.  If the nurse comes in to check on baby, a guest arrives while we are shooting, or baby needs to nurse, it’s not really interrupting anything! I’m there to capture the first moments of baby’s life as they actually happened. With that said, I do have a checklist of shots in mind, including lightly posed images of baby alone, baby with mom, baby with dad, baby with both parents, etc. 

Why Fresh 48? 

Those two days in the hospital after my son Nash was born were some of the most exhausting but magical days of my life. I was surprised at how much I felt and how deeply I felt it —and surprised  at how amazing it was to actually see him face to face after imagining him for 9 months of pregnancy. 

It’s a gift to have those moments captured because sleep deprivation definitely makes them such a blur! These are your first moments as a new family and your baby’s very first introduction to the world. If that’s not a story worth telling, I don’t know what is. 

How does scheduling work? 

Babies come on their own schedule, which can make planning a session difficult!  Once I know your due date, I like to just stay in communication after 37 weeks about how you’re progressing. Then I ask for a heads up when you go into labor. I do everything I can to make sure my schedule is flexible in the weeks surrounding your due date! 

Because I do have to secure childcare for my own children in order to come photograph your new, amazing family, I can’t promise to come immediately after baby arrives. I will make sure I’m available to come at some point during that 48-hour hospital stay though!

How long is the session? 

About 45 minutes to an hour. More than that amount of time is not generally needed, and neither baby nor mom has much endurance for al long session!

What is the cost/deposit? 

View booking and investment information here!

When should I contact you to come to the hospital?

Give me a head up via text when you know for sure that you are in labor and again after baby arrives. Depending on the time of day when baby is born, how you are feeling, and the limitations of my own schedule/childcare needs, we can work together to figure out the best time for me to come for the session. 

If the baby is born when it’s dark outside, I do recommend waiting until there’s natural light. Typically moms feel a bit more rested and in the mood to be photographed the next day after baby arrives. 

How will I receive the images?

I aim to edit and deliver the entire gallery within two weeks of the session. My typical gallery from a fresh 48 newborn session includes 50+ images (or more if there are siblings or other family members present). I present the final images in an online gallery, which allows you to order prints, other products and books and download high resolution digital files.



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